Journey to Adult Success

When young adults age out of foster care at age 18, many aren’t sure where to turn.

Unlike their peers, they lack a safety net — and, often, a roof — to support them when things don’t go as planned.

Here in Green Bay, we’re attempting to rewrite that story. 

The JAS House has helped me achieve more than a few goals. I’ve gotten a job and started a savings account, learning basic yet fundamental lessons about living in an apartment and how to work as a team with the other residents. JAS helped pull me out of a rut and regain some balance in my life.” ~ Simon

We provide the stepping stones that at-risk youth need

Finding your way can be tough for any young adult — but it’s especially challenging for those transitioning out of foster care. Journey to Adult Success offers resources and support that help youth forge their paths to adulthood.

A safe place to live

We provide a stable, affordable home — and community — for youth as they learn to make it on their own.


Life skills coaching

We offer one-on-one coaching in careers, personal finance, and other relevant skills, thereby enabling self-reliant futures.

Permanence + connection

We create a network of reliable adults and peers that accompany our youth wherever life takes them.


of youth will be homeless within 1–3 years of leaving foster care


of female youth will be pregnant within 2 years of leaving foster care


of former foster youth have been involved with the criminal justice system


of Wisconsin's foster youth were over the age of 14 in 2018