JAS Capital Campaign

Our Goal

Raise $1.2 million to purchase a second residence for youth aging out of foster care.

Our Why

It’s no secret that our nation faces a severe affordable housing shortage.

Here in Green Bay, this has hit JAS youth particularly hard, as they don’t have the means to compete for pricey apartments or meet strict landlord requirements.

Unable to move out, many of our youth have remained at JAS House for several years. Though we’re happy we can support these youth, we have been anguished to turn away other potential residents who could use our help.

Our Vision

Meet the goals of our Capital Campaign — and purchase a new site where we can house 12-14 more youth.

Then, we’ll convert our current site into a “Phase 2” program where we’ll house six youth. Phase 2 will allow youth who have been successful with the initial stages of the program to further their independence and practice newly acquired life skills.

At our new site, we’ll also be able to have confidential meetings with youth, hold independent living sessions with hands-on activities, and provide two emergency rooms for youth needing short-term stays when on break from college.

Photo credit: Mary’s Canvas LLC

Photo credit: Mary’s Canvas LLC

Meet Sequoia

“Hi, my name is Sequoia. I’ve been at the JAS house for 9 months. The day I turned 18 I had to start figuring out where I was going because the thought of being homeless scared me. When I learned about the Journey to Adult Success program I knew right away this is where I needed to be.

Since being at the JAS house I’ve maintained a job and I’ve been able to save money for the future.

The JAS house has helped me reach my goals and shaped me into the person I am today. Without the support of the JAS staff, I wouldn’t be where I am today. The Journey to Adult Success program has been one of the best things that has come into my life and I can’t thank them enough for everything they have offered and provided to me.”

Major Supporters

We are thankful to have such wonderful support from the community. Together, we have raised $1.038 million of our $1.2 million goal — we are so close! The major supporters of this project are listed below. We are incredibly grateful for their generosity.

Miriam and Jim Mulva

Cloud Family Foundation

City of Green Bay Redevelopment Authority

Cornerstone Foundation

K.C. Stock Foundation

Michael and Leanne Haddad Family Foundation

Tom and Joan Olson

Kyle and Katie McCarty

Cody Mares

In-Kind Partners

Another huge thank you goes to our in-kind partners, who generously assisted with land, construction and financing.